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In 1997, Roger and Traci Dupler purchased a 26 acre plot of land that is the present day location of Dupler's Pumpkin Land. Both Roger and Traci came from farming backgrounds, so in the summer of 1998, they planted 1/2 acre of pumpkins not knowing how many, if any, they would sell. To their surprise, they sold each and every pumpkin that fall. The next year they doubled the operation, planting 1 acre of pumpkins, and again achieved the same result. As the story goes, it was around this time that Roger and Traci realized they were on to something!

Over 20 years later Dupler's Pumpkin Land has become a staple for fall decorations, entertainment, and of course, pumpkins! The farm is still family operated, with the help of their children, Chelsey and Reece, as well as a host of other family members and close friends. The primary goal of the farm each fall is to provide the most family friendly and reasonably priced selection of pumpkins, decorations, and entertainment in central Ohio.

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