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We believe our selection of pumpkins is the most reasonably priced in central Ohio. Unlike other farms that base their price on weight, we take the time to inspect each pumpkin, and price it based on qualities like appearance and stem, in order to ensure it is fairly priced. No matter what size pumpkin you're looking for, we've got you covered!

While we pride ourselves on our traditional pumpkin selection, what truly makes us unique is our offering of specialty pumpkins. These whacky pumpkins come in pink, blue, white, red and every other color pictured to the right. These types of pumpkins are the result of 20+ years of cross breeding pumpkins, truly making our offering one of a kind!

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Beyond our spectacular pumpkin display, we offer everything to meet your fall decorating needs including:

  • Decorative gourds, squash, miniature pumpkins

  • Mums, corn shocks, straw

  • Crafts, carving kits, accessories, and more!

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